Our Mission – Dominate YOUR Market

Opulized is centered around the firm belief that your Real Estate business is a crucial component in your community. We love seeing the success and growth of the real estate agents, wholesalers, and even estate sale agents thrive in their respective markets. We enjoy tailoring every aspect of the digital process to your specific needs; making beautiful pages, unique marketing campaigns, and we love when we’re given a new challenge to make your business thrive.

Real Estate Web Marketing Agency

Opulized is a Kalamazoo based web marketing agency that is passionate in all things digital; including SEO (search-engine-optimization), SEM (search-engine-marketing), PPC (paid-per-click), YouTube, Google Display Network, Facebook audience network,  and unique website design and development solutions.

Your Real Estate Marketing Partner

You’re here because you know that Real Estate marketing is changing rapidly, and it’s easy to dominate your community by having superior tools available to you. Opulized is focused on working side by side with people that are interested in being the dominant force in their real estate market. This means that we want to optimize your online presence to be the top 1% in your marketplace.

Let’s show the world how awesome you are.

Zac Folsom with Opulized Real Estate Marketing Agency
Zac Folsom with Opulized Real Estate Marketing Agency

Meet Zac – Your Real Estate Marketing Partner

Zac has been a licensed Real Estate agent in Michigan since 2014. He previously worked on teams as a buyers agent where he saw the absurd amount of money that the owners were throwing away to convert 1-2% of the leads given to them by other companies without even building their own online presence.

He knew there had to be a better option.

He then teamed up with tech and marketing minds across the country to figure out how to create duplicatable, unique solutions for every real estate agent out there. And the results that he got for himself were incredible.

In just 1 short year of learning the ins and outs of real estate marketing, Zac grasped the concepts that could create endless growth for his company. He turned 22 deals in 2019 into over 45 deals in 2020 by just using online advertising at a fraction of the cost of using companies like Zillow and Realtor.com!

Now his goal is to keep more money in your pockets and to make sure that you’re not wasting your money on leads that don’t turn out.